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The old saying that “Children are our Future” has, with good reason, become the catch phrase of child health research. The twentieth century saw human life span advance in many countries. This advance, even though it came in an era of wonderful new techniques in surgery and therapeutics, was almost all due to the gains made against childhood infectious disease and early childhood malnutrition.

While continuing to be responsible for relieving the suffering of children with rare and complex diseases, child health researchers are now taking up the challenge of finding the earliest causes of adult disease, many of which we now know to be present in childhood. The answer to cardiac surgery waiting lists is to raise the next generations with healthy hearts and without diabetes and tobacco dependence. The answer to overloaded hip fracture programs is to “build” adults with stronger bones. Understanding the interaction of genes and environmental factors that lead to childhood asthma which may progress to irreversible chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in adults is essential if we are to reduce this burden on future generations. The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba is working in all these areas and more.

The Research Institute is committed to increasing understanding of what it takes to give a child the best possible trajectory to being a healthy and resilient adult. This holistic approach to research requires that we support researchers from many backgrounds, covering the spectrum from anthropology to engineering, from molecular biology to population health.
 Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba