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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of non-monetary donations does the Children’s Hospital accept?

A: Toys: New toys are accepted.  All toys must be age appropriate and safe. We do not accept aggressive toys, eg. toy weapons or violent video games/DVD movies. We do not accept toys with small parts for  use with very young children. Please contact us for a copy of our Wish List at goodbear@mts.net.

Knitting and Sewing: donations of newly-sewn and knitted items are gratefully accepted. As the needs and demands of the Children’s Hospital change over time, we ask that you please call (204)787-4043 for the prioritized list of items that are needed at that specific time.

Books: We may accept some used books in very good condition for waiting rooms or the library. You can check by calling (204)787-1012. Donations to the Children’s Hospital Book Market should be dropped off at any Winnipeg Fire Station or Dufresne’s Furniture locations. They can be dropped off year round.

Food and Holiday Treats: Only commercially made and wrapped candy and treats will be accepted as donations for special occasions, eg. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc., leading up to and on the day of celebration. We do not accept donations of holiday treats after the holiday. No donations of food containing nuts or nut products shall be accepted for distribution to the patients, due to allergy risks.

Drop-off: Please contact CHF to make arrangements for donation drop offs at (204)787-4000 or goodbear@mts.net.


Q: When is the next Book Market date and where will it be held?

A: Visit the Children’s Hospital Book Market  page to find out about the next paperback sale.

Q: Can I make a donation in honour of someone?

A: Yes. When making this type of donation please state whether you are giving a Memorial Gift or an Honour Gift, as well as who the gift is in recognition of, and the name of the person or group who is providing the gift (so that we can send that person a Thank You Card).

Q: My school/workplace would like to plan a fundraiser but we need help with ideas.

A: Our staff would be happy to answer any questions regarding fundraising activities or third-party events. Please call 204-787-4000 and ask for a member of our development staff.

Q: I’m getting married. I’d like to do something special at my reception to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital.

A: There are definitely ways you can help sick and injured kids.

In lieu of wedding favours, you can choose to give donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. If you choose to do this, cards will be provided for each table at your reception.

Alternately, some brides and grooms choose to encourage donations instead of clinking glasses to kiss.

If you require further information please contact our office at 204-787-4400.

Q: I would like to volunteer. What do I need to do?

A: If you would like to volunteer within Children’s Hospital, you will need to go through HSC Volunteer Services. You can call them at (204) 787-3533. Children’s Hospital volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and have a criminal record check and child abuse registry check. For more information visit HSC Volunteer Services.

If you want to volunteer at the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, please email your information to volunteeratpicnic@hsc.mb.ca.

If you want to volunteer at any of our events or for information on sewing or knitting items for the Children’s Hospital, please call (204) 787-4000.