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Kids Helping Kids

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is fortunate to enjoy the support of both adults and kids who plan and organize events on our behalf. Joining the Kids Making Miracles program is easy, fun and more importantly makes a difference in the lives of children who have to deal with sickness or injuries in their lives.

Become a Miracle Maker

Getting involved in fundraising activities teaches kids valuable skills, helps build confidence and self-esteem plus earns the satisfaction of helping others. High school students may also use the time spent organizing an event towards their community service hour requirement.

Fun Ideas

  • A-thons (walk, dance, read or even spell!)
  • Host a theme party
  • Casual or dress up days at school
  • Sales (baked goods, books or crafts)
  • Community Car Wash
  • Fashion or talent shows
  • Lemonade stand

For more information please contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, at (204)787-4000 or

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