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Gifts In Kind – Additional Details

  • A donation receipt may be issued for the fair market value (FMV) of the property/good on the date it is received.
  • To process in kind donations, the Foundation needs a written invoice or other supporting documents that could ascertain the Fair Market Value of the in kind donation.
  • All items or property with a FMV greater than $1,000 must be valued by a qualified appraiser independent of the donor and the Foundation.

Gift in Kind Tax Receipting Guidelines:

Donate Toys, Parts & Equipment:

Donor went to purchase toys and gifted to the hospital, the store receipt will be used as the supporting documents.

In the absence of store receipts, or if the gift has been used, a statement of Fair Market Value or some form of price catalogue to support the current value is required.

Donate services:

Services are not eligible for tax receipts, except in the case that they are treated as a normal business transaction between the parts involved. The donor will invoice the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and send a cheque for the total amount of the invoice (for cheque exchange)

Cash donation (proceeds from donated gift, auction), also applied to fashion shows, golf tournaments:

The cost of the car is $500 and auctioned for $800,Foundation received $800 cash, issue $300 tax receipt to the car buyer, and $500 to the car builder.

Donate a Car Canada and Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba (Vehicle, RV, Boat, or Motorcycle donations)

When a donor submits a vehicle, RV, boat, or motorcycle, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location.  Donate a Car Canada attends to every detail.

1. Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba will send the donor their tax receipt within 4-6 weeks of receiving their donation.

Please click here for some Frequently Asked Questions regarding donating a car or visit the Donate a Car to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba page.