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Receipting for Golf Tournaments

The following are various components of the “advantage” that must be deducted from the tax receipt amount:

  • Green fees – this would be the green fee charged to non-members playing on the course. Note that if a member of a club is participating in a golf tournament at his/her own club, and would not have to pay for the round, the green fee does not need to be deducted from his/her entry fee to arrive at the donation amount.
  • Cart rental – cost of rental is to be deducted from the tax receipt amount.
  • Meals – cost that would be charged if the meal were purchased separately is to be deducted.
  • Complimentary Items – Are valued at the amount that would have to be paid to acquire the merchandise at the donating retail outlet or the outlet from which the merchandise was obtained.
  • Door prizes/achievement prizes – The total retail value of the prizes, whether they are door prizes or prizes awarded for achievement, must be aggregated and then divided by the number of participants. The amount per participant, if exceed the lesser of 10% of the entry fee or $75, must then be deducted from everyone’s receipt amount.
  • Hole-in-one Prizes – previously, a separate fee had to be charged for this contest to ensure that the value of the prize, (car/money) would not have to be deducted from the entry fee. CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) has now determined that this can be ignored when calculating the tax receipt amounts.

NOTE: For fund raising events such as a dinner, auction and golf tournament, a tax receipt may be issued for the entry fee less the ‘benefit’ the participant has received. However, the ‘benefit’ amount cannot exceed 80% of the entry fee. In addition, please note that if the prizes received by the donor does not exceed the lesser of 10% of the entry fee or $75, then the prizes received by the donor will not reduce the tax receipt gift amount.