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The Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba – how it all began…

In 1903, Annie A. Bond arrived in Winnipeg and soon realized that a separate hospital was required to meet the needs of children.  At that time there were only 20 hospital beds available for children.  In 1906, she rallied the Local Council of Women and urged them to consider the establishment of a hospital devoted to specifically to the health care needs of kids.  Eventually the council appointed a provisional board to study the advisability of such a hospital and stated that all funds would have to be raised by the personal efforts of the council and their friends.  This marked a beginning of volunteer service and fundraising by the women of Winnipeg.

On February 6, 1909 the first Winnipeg Children’s Hospital opened in a three-story home on Beaconsfield Street and what had started as a small group of ladies, branched out into organized Guilds with memberships ranging from 30 to over 100 members.  The organized Guilds which amalgamated in 2010 to create the Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba are St. Agnes (est 1909), St. John’s (est. 1915), Annie A. Bond (est. 1928), McKinnon (est. 1929), and Chown (est. 1936).