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A Quilt Is Like A Hug

Bed with blanket

When Janis’ granddaughter Ashley was in Children’s Hospital, she witnessed first-hand, just how much of a difference a quilt can make.

13-year-old Ashley had been struggling for some time with extreme fatigue. After numerous doctor visits, Ashley ended up in Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease; a disorder that occurs when your body produces insufficient amounts of certain hormones produced by your adrenal glands.

“It’s very rare for someone as young as Ashley to have Addison’s,” explains Janis. “It took doctors a long while to figure out a diagnosis, but it certainly wasn’t due to lack of trying. There were so many physicians trying to figure it out and so many tests. Once they did figure it out her care was amazing.”

Ashley was in ICU for 5 days, and before long was deemed well enough to return home.

“This particular day Ashley was a bit sad and anxious to go home,” remembers Janis. “As she was waiting, in walks a lady carrying some quilts and pillowcases. The lady told Ashley that these quilts had been handmade and that she could pick one out to take home. Ashley went through the quilts, picked one out and as she wrapped it around herself she had the biggest smile in the whole world. I’ll never forget it.”

Ashley kept the quilt around her all the way home and it now sits atop of her very own bed.

“The handmade quilt is so beautiful and it meant so much to me because I knit these little squares and give them to my neighbour, and somehow they end up being a part of quilts,” beams Janis. “But because of Ashley, I got to see first-hand how much those little squares actually mean.”

Janis also supports the Children’s Hospital as a monthly donor to the library program.

“I love kids, and I loved reading to my kids,” says Janis. “I think it’s so important for kids to look at books and have someone read books to them. I am happy to donate each month so that they can purchase books. I feel like it’s the least I can do.”

For Janis, the reason to support Children’s Hospital is an easy one;

“Because kids shouldn’t be sick,” says Janis. “Like so many things, you don’t see the impact of Children’s Hospital until you’re in the situation. I saw the difference the little extras like the quilt made for Ashley, and it makes me happy and proud to support them.”

As Ashley navigates the learning curve of dealing with her Addison’s she still visits Children’s Hospital every 3 months. She too is grateful to Children’s Hospital and sent thank you notes to all of her doctors, nurses and everyone who helped her along her journey.

“Ashley is so selfless and thinks about others all of the time,” says Janis. “She is a beautiful, compassionate kid, whose first thought was about giving back. I want people to know how amazing it felt as her Grandmother to watch her receive such a gift. It made her so happy.”

Thank you to all of our knitters, quilters, and sewers! Your support is making a difference to kids like Ashley. Please continue to give.