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Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba to receive $80,000

from Tim Hortons Smile Cookie fundraiser


WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (October 2, 2012)–It’s the sweet treat that keeps on giving! There were plenty of smiles to go around in Winnipeg this week, as the annual Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign raised $80,096 for Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

“This year’s campaign was a major success yet again, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of so many loyal guests,” said Howie Shapiro, Winnipeg Tim Hortons Restaurant owner. “The Smile Cookie campaign is always special to our community because proceeds go directly to Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.  So not only does the money raised go to a good cause– it stays within Winnipeg We couldn’t be happier!”

“We are thrilled with the success of the Tim Hortons Smile Cookies campaign”, says Gary Rozak, Development Coordinator, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “A huge bear hug goes out to all the Tim Hortons restaurant owners staff and everyone who supported this campaign. Thanks to Tim Hortons, the money will be used to purchase infant lung and breathing testing equipment for the Children’s Hospital and create scholarships for students at the Manitoba Institute of Child Health”.

Nationally, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners support more than 345 local charities through the annual Smile Cookie Fundraiser.  In 2011, the campaign raised nearly $4 Million to benefit communities where Tim Hortons operates.