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Bringing New Care To Epilepsy


A writer named Terry Trueman once wrote:

“A big seizure just kind of grabs the inside or your skull and squeezes. It feels as of it’s twisting your brain all up and down and inside out. Have you ever heard a washing machine suddenly flip into that bang-bang-bang sound when it gets out of balance? Those are what seizures felt like when I was little.”


Dr. Demitre Serletis, our new Director of Epilepsy Surgery, is devoted to helping improve life for children with epilepsy in Manitoba. In the past, children with complex conditions had to leave the province for care, which was often cripplingly expensive to families and involved long, dangerous wait times.

What makes Dr. Serletis so interested in the area of epilepsy?

Children are remarkable in their ability to develop and heal. If we can get children diagnosed faster, and increase the options for treating them, we can vastly reduce the number of seizures children will experience.”

When asked about the new monitoring unit for children with epilepsy, and new surgical techniques he’s helped bring to the hospital, Dr. Serletis responded.

“In order to operate to reduce a child’s seizures, we need to find exactly where in the brain the seizure is arising – where the “epileptic focus” is. This requires high-intensity monitoring of the brain. To do this, we also need to wean a child off their epilepsy medication. So to keep patients as safe as possible, we now have an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit with “hard-wired” hospital beds that are equipped with sophisticated technology to closely monitor each child’s brain activity around the clock.”

Dr. Serletis has a simple but powerful message for Children’s Hospital donors:

Without the vision, leadership, and support of Children’s Hospital and its donors, none of this work would have been possible. Quite simply and with the deepest of gratitude – Thank you!