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Carson’s Heart Is Full…Because Of You!

carson 12 days old

“We were afraid we would never bring him home”, states Mom, Rochelle.

It’s a parents greatest fear. Their child is born with a life threatening condition.

Carson was born with a congenital heart defect. Two of his arteries were reversed and he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The Children’s Hospital started surgery when he was 5 days old. At 12 days old, he was flown out of province for open heart surgery. After his levels were stablized, Carson returned to Children’s Hospital to recover in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“I was a sick kid and they fixed my heart”, states Carson Burr. “So I want to help others so they can have a life like mine”.

Because of your support, Carson now dances, plays soccer, performs in local theatre productions and in his spare time, raises money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

“My Mom started taking me to the Radiothon when I was a baby and every year we would collect money from friends and family for it,” Carson said. “As I got older I started to do it myself because I wanted to help other kids and give back to the hospital since I was given so much. I think it’s important to help out if you can and if every person does a little bit it can go so far in helping.”

For his amazing fundraising efforts, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba nominated Carson for the 2014 Outstanding Youth In Philanthropy award for Manitoba and he won! The Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award recognizes an individual or group of young people under the age of 16 in Manitoba that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropic activities. Carson fits that bill and more, but it doesn’t stop there.

In fact on April 16th, Carson will celebrate his 12 year anniversary of open heart surgery that saved his life. To celebrate, on April 20th he will walk 12 miles through the city of Brandon with his brother Brody and my Dad and other family members and friends to raise money for the Radiothon in Brandon which supports Children’s Hospital Foundation and raises money to purchase equipment for kids in the Brandon Regional Health Centre as well.

“It feels good. I am glad I can help out and it makes me feel proud.”

No matter your age, status, or situation we can all make a difference and 12-year-old Carson Burr is a perfect example of how a young person can offer so much.

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