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Lily Is Here Because Of You

Lily Kehler

“Lily is here because of you.” Click here to watch her story.

Just before Christmas last year, Ashton and Jordan Kehler received the most wonderful gift of all. After a critical, life-saving delivery, their baby girl, Lily, was born. Seven days later they received another blessing when their tiny daughter finally took her first breath on her own, surrounded by the doctors and nurses who saved her life. As I write this letter, we are getting close to Lily’s first birthday. Ashton and Jordan want supporters like you to know that they will always hold you in their hearts.

Your caring gifts are so deeply appreciated by parents going through incredibly stressful times. Here is baby Lily’s story in her mother Ashton’s words:

An early ultrasound revealed a small mass on Lily’s neck. Over the next few weeks it grew until it was the size of a large apple. Doctors knew she wouldn’t be able to breathe on her own. More than 15 doctors, nurses and medical professionals helped to deliver Lily by a highly specialized surgical delivery procedure. This is used to deliver babies like Lily – whose airway was being crushed by the mass on her neck.”

Baby Lily’s arms and head were delivered first. Then doctors worked carefully to clear her airway and secure a breathing tube in order to let her breathe. They performed this special delivery in order to stabilize Lily before she was fully delivered and the umbilical cord was cut. And seven days later, Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Leitao operated on her to remove the mass and get her breathing on her own.

You and I can only imagine the precision and focus that a surgeon like Dr. Leitao needs in order to operate on a tiny body like that. And the very sophisticated medical equipment our doctors rely on. Here is more from Lily’s mom …

                “It is really scary when you hear your tiny baby needs to have surgery. You don’t know what to think. But the quality of Lily’s care at Children’s Hospital has been phenomenal. Dr. Leitao has done absolutely everything to help her.

Dr. Leitao wasn’t just there to do his job. He wanted to give her the best chance she could have.

                 “All of the nurses took wonderful care of Lily. Changing her, bathing her, and making sure she was comfortable. They would hold her for hours if I couldn’t be there – anything they needed to do to keep her calm and happy.”

Ashton has great memories about how the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make holiday time special:

                “At Christmas they gave us a plaque with Lily’s footprint and a poem. And in February they gave us a Valentine’s card from her. Sweet little things that make the holidays just a bit easier.”

But these moments would not have been possible without donors like you.

The Children’s Hospital urgently needs your help to purchase new specialized surgical equipment to perform complicated ear and airway surgery for children like Lily. This life-saving equipment costs $60,000. Your donation will also help to purchase four new bedside patient monitors, since the current equipment is outdated and will no longer be supported by the engineering team. Each monitor costs $35,317 each.

Will you help us raise the funds to buy these important pieces of equipment?

I know those amounts sound very high – but every gift of $20, $40, or any amount you can give today, really adds up to help.

As Lily’s mom says, “We don’t know if Lily would be here if we didn’t have these amazing people and this equipment. The money that supporters donated bought the equipment that saved our daughter’s life.”

That is why I mean it when I say that you are a key member of our life-saving team. Thank you in advance for any gift you can give today. Click here to help. You can even make monthly payments to provide consistent on-going support.


With my sincere thanks for your generosity,


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Lawrence Prout,  President & CEO