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Meet Aidan

Aidan Wilson

Ten year old Aidan is a very active child; he loves swimming, riding his bike, playing video games and music. While this may seem like a typical pre-teen lifestyle, it is very much the opposite.

Aidan has had many obstacles to face in his short life. At such a young age, he has already endured 13 surgeries in total! These include four open-heart surgeries, one to remove his kidney, which had cancer, and another to remove one of his testicles.

Mom, Joni, says that Aidan handles his condition and surgeries so well “you’d never know he’d had them.” Amazing for a child, who after his open-heart surgeries, had a stroke and was at one time paralyzed on one side of his body. He has since regained all movement.

In 2007, he had Bacterial Endocarditis, a bacterial infection that attacks the heart. Recovery took about six weeks.

In February 2008, Aidan had his fourth open heart surgery to remove a valve as a result of the infection.

In June 2008, he got the infection once again and was in and out of the hospital because of some complications.

Today, Aidan has some developmental issues due to having a stroke. He continues to come to the Children’s Hospital for regular appointments and check-ups. He is followed regularly by a cardiologist, neurologist and is monitored for cancer, but he has not had any heart-related problems since 2008.

Alongside video games and biking Aidan also loves zombies and the musician Rob Zombie. Rob along with his lead guitarist, John 5, are both considered to be his two heroes. Aidan went to see Rob Zombie in concert in 2010 and was invited on stage. The 10-year-old has since developed a friendship with Rob, John 5 and the rest of the band, who always invite Aidan to see their shows and come backstage for a visit every time they are in town.