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Meet Keira


20-month old Keira Davlut wears tiny bubblegum pink glasses and babbles loudly to get her mother’s attention.

“She’s such a little monkey,” says her mom, Melanie Davlut, doting over her daughter.

Keira was born with left coronal craniosynostosis, which means that one of the five sutures in her skull was fused at birth, causing her head shape to grow abnormally.

In many cases, this skull deformity is caused during the birth process or by an abnormal chromosome. But in Keira’s case, she was born through C-section and Melanie did not have any chromosome irregularities, so the cause of her craniosynostosis was a “total fluke,” says Melanie.

Craniosynostosis is fairly common, happening in one in every 2,000 births. But without surgery, it can cause developmental problems due to the skull putting pressure on the brain, vision loss and facial disfigurement.

Keira had surgery in September of 2011, and while her head is left only slightly lopsided, she does have very limited vision out of one eye because of the craniosynostosis. Her parents hope that her vision will improve over time.

Melanie says that all of the doctors and nurses in PICU and CK3 provided excellent care to Keira. And the kitchen staff also gets kudos for providing some super tasty meals.

“Keira, a usual fan of hummus and seaweed, loved the hospital food! I can’t get her to eat meat and she ate the ground meat. I was like, ‘I need to go into the kitchen and find out how to prepare that,’” says Melanie, laughing.

Keira loves music and books and has been developing normally along with her peers. “Whenever we take her to KinderMusik, she just goes crazy, and whenever she sees a book she always picks it up and brings it to us, like she wants to be read to.

The soon to be two year old is also an outdoorsy girl! Derek Davlut, Keira’s dad, says that she is very active and loves being outside. They love swimming together at the pool but even more so at the lake.

Melanie and Derek suspect that she will likely not have any problems in the future and happily say that Keira is doing great!