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The Kidney Twins are helping sick kids learn faster and feel better thanks to your support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba!

Twelve-year-old Gurkaran Billing was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) when he was just days old. Over the years Gurkaran underwent a number of urologic surgeries, and received a kidney transplant at Children’s Hospital in 2014.

“Children’s Hospital was a friendly place and they really tried to make me feel better,” remembers Gurkaran, “but no one can blame a little kid for being scared.”

The vigilance required to live with kidney disease is a lot to ask from any family, and is at the heart of the creation of the Kidney Health Education Resource, developed by the Pediatric Kidney Team, and made possible by your donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Pediatric kidney transplant nurse Diane McKenty, (R.N., CNeph) knows how effective these teaching tools are for patients of all ages.

“Patients with all aspects of kidney disease have benefited from the new Kidney Health Education Resource,” says Diane. “The Kidney Twins resource addresses a number of different aspects of kidney health and is targeted at three developmental levels, including pre-school, school age and adolescence. Feedback from families and from other health care professionals has been very positive.”

Gurkaran is one of the many kids who have been helped by the project.

“The kidney twins are funny looking,” says Gurkaran. “But they taught me some things about my kidneys. They made it a bit easier to understand.”

So impressive is the Kidney Health Education Resource that the work is being recognized across the country and is endorsed by the Canadian Association of Pediatric Nephrologists and other transplant professionals. All thanks to your donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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