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Shared by Mom, Jinelle:

On February 24, 2016, my precious son Karsen was born. We noticed very quickly that he was having a hard time breathing.

My beautiful newborn son was raced to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. That’s when they discovered that one of his lungs had collapsed. And soon, the other lung collapsed too. A blood test showed that Karsen’s kidneys weren’t working. Doctors discovered that my baby had a kidney disease.

You can imagine how shocked we were – and how terrified. After two of my older children had been born with cleft palate that required life-saving surgery, this time we were really expecting a healthy baby. Nothing in my pregnancy indicated otherwise – not even ultrasounds.

Karsen was hooked up to a breathing machine in the NICU for a month before he could breathe on his own. He stayed for another month after that. Since he was born, we have been back and forth to the hospital almost constantly. You see, when Karsen becomes dehydrated, or catches an infection, he needs emergency treatment instantly. There have definitely been dark times, when we didn’t think he was going to make it.

Karsen has just begun dialysis. And hopefully, by the time he is about 3 years old, he will be able to get a kidney transplant. In the meantime, we keep our bags always packed in case we need to race him to the hospital.

Three of my beloved children – Daniel, Aleena and Karsen – would not be here today if it weren’t for the miracle-workers at Children’s Hospital. And unwavering, compassionate donors like you.

You can imagine how many hours my husband and I have spent in Children’s Hospital. Sitting by Karsen’s bed. Walking the hallways. Trying to stay brave and hopeful. It may sound strange, but now it’s like a second home.

I can’t say enough about the staff here – the doctors and the nurses. They have known Karsen since he was a tiny baby. They’ve been with us every step of the way. Whatever it takes to save your child and make them well, they will do – with compassion and with empathy. And they have cared so much for the rest of us, too.

Can you imagine worrying about the cost of diapers or a decent meal while watching over your sick child? The Family Comfort Fund* helps support families so they can focus on the most important thing, their sick child.

The Family Comfort Fund will help lessen the financial burden that families like mine deal with when we are caring for our child in the hospital. It provides simple things that are taken for granted like meal tickets, shampoo, soap, diapers, transportation to the hospital, and parking.

You see, when your child is in the hospital you want to be by their side providing care and support during this scary time. For our family, having Karsen in the hospital for days and weeks at a time puts financial strain on our limited budget.

The Family Comfort Fund will help provide support for families like ours, so we can focus on what’s most important… our child and seeing him get better so he can come home.

Unless you are the parent of a sick child, it’s hard to realize how meaningful little things can be. A word, a hug, a smile at the right time can be profound.

So thank you. Your support makes a true difference to families like ours, and children like my Karsen. Give today, by clicking here.

With sincere thanks,

Jinelle Kehler, Grateful Mom

*The Family Comfort Fund is distributed through the Social Work Department.