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Be A Dr. Goodbear Clinic Volunteer

Are you a health care professional or student who wants to give back to the community you serve?

Be a part of Teddy Bears’ Picnic history by volunteering at the Dr. Goodbear Clinic at Assiniboine Park, Sunday May 27th, from 9am – 5pm.

The Dr. Goodbear Clinic has multiple “clinics/tents” with various “treatment areas” geared at teaching children about health and wellness. Children bring their own plush animal who becomes the “patient” in the clinic. The goal is to make the experience realistic and fun for the children.

No previous bear care experience is necessary, but you should be able to make treatment decisions under stressful conditions; we expect to see approximately 3,500 bears during the day. You must be able to improvise and have fun!

We are looking to fill a variety of shifts in the below positions, if you are interested, please register here.

Bear Exam:

Teddy Bear exams are where the fun begins! You bring your stuffed animal, your imagination, and your concerns to the tables where our volunteers do a basic check-up of vital signs, weight and height, and provide referrals to where the next exciting stop will be for your sick bear.

Bearly Diagnostic Imaging:

The Bearly Diagnostic Clinic welcomes your Teddy Bear to have medical pictures done on our X-ray, CT, MRI, or Ultrasound machines. Our technologists will show you how to position your Teddy Bear for a picture, and then you get to press the exposure button to see the results!


Your Teddy Bear’s head is fitted with an electrocap, which takes a recording of the electrical activity, or “brain waves”, produced by their brain.  Watch as the computer displays your bear’s brain waves on a screen while it performs a few simple tasks such as closing and opening their eyes!

Patient Flow Coordination:

Watch for our friendly Patient Flow Coordinators at the back and front of the Clinic tents – they’ll direct you and your Teddy to different treatment tents, and answer any questions you may have while waiting in line.

Prepare Your Bear:

Help Teddy get prepped for surgery! Our volunteers prepare your bear for procedures by using real equipment and pictures, while you pick out a “sleep medicine” scent OR mask for your bear before treatment.

Teddy’s Family Tree:

Come to Teddy’s Family Tree to learn about your Teddy Bear’s family and chromosomes. While you’re here, enjoy some fun colouring activities, and stickers!

To volunteer for Teddy’s Family Tree, please contact Jessica or Charity.

Teddy Fix It:

We are a full service center. Broken bone? Your bear will get a cast. Internal injuries? Your bear will have surgery. Torn fur? Your bear will get stitches. Loss of stuffing? Your bear will be returned to its fullest state! Whatever your bear needs to help return to full health!

Teddy Labs:

Welcome to Teddy Labs! Has your Teddy been under the weather? Stand by your bear’s side while volunteers run a variety of tests to see why your best friend isn’t feeling well.

To volunteer for Teddy Labs, please contact Tom.

Teddy Pharmacy

Here you will learn how to safely give medicines to bears of all shapes and sizes!  Teddy Pharmacists will help you give your bear their first dose of medicine (or a flu shot!) and will teach you how to know if it’s working so that you can care for them once you leave the Dr. Goodbear Clinic.

To volunteer for Teddy Pharmacy, please contact Ashley.


Our Triage volunteer will greet you and your Teddy Bear with a friendly smile. Let them know your concerns with your bear, and they’ll make sure to send you to the best area for treatment.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at dgcvolunteers@hsc.mb.ca